Volvo alloy wheel nuts

What wheel nuts should I buy for my Volvo? Different Volvo models use different wheel nuts and bolts. The details here are for the model listed below.

C70 CC
S40: 1.6 & 1.8
S40: 2.0D 2.4D & T5
S90: 3.0 24v
V40 & Cross Country

These Volvo cars all use M12 x 1.5 thread, 60 degree taper seat, 19mm hex wheel nuts. The original Volvo nuts have a 28mm diameter floating washer and a thin stainless steel cap that is the 19mm head. The issue with this is that these caps are easily damaged and often come off leaving a non standard size head which can be difficult to remove.

We offer a specific replacement nut which has the 28mm diameter washer and a solid 19mm hex head, so no more missing caps to worry about. See below for details

Spot On Nuts and Bolts offer these compatible replacement alloy wheel nuts to fit the original Volvo alloy wheels.

If you do not see your Volvo car model listed above then these nuts will not fit, try using our search bar above and enter your car model to see what nuts or bolts will fit.

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