Spot On 30% discount trade voucher

Here at Spot On we want to work with other companies in the auto trade to help boost revenue and profits. We feel that the addition of alloy wheel nuts and bolts can be a simple add on that garages, tyre fitters, MOT and service centres etc can offer customers and will quickly boost revenue.

Take advantage of our 30% bulk trade discount code: 30TR250

For a list of our Top Ten selling alloy wheel nuts and bolts click here.

Example of Potential Profit based on a markup £10 per set*

Sell 1 set of Nuts or Bolts per day

By simply selling one set a day at an average profit of £10 you can earn up to an extra £3120 per year.

Sell 2 sets of Nuts or Bolts per day

As you begin to get into the swing of nuts and bolts you can start to increase the number of sets you sell per day.

2 sets per day you can see profits rise by more than £6000 per year.

Sell 10 sets of Nuts or Bolts per day

Now you have got used to which nuts and bolts fit which cars and you can offer a quick and simple service to your customers.

Sell 10 sets per day and you can see a boost to your profits of more than £31,000 per year!

People simply do not realise how important wheel fixings are and generally do not give their nuts or bolts a second thought. But if it is pointed out that they have seen better days and it is a good and safe idea to replace them they are very likely to agree.

We want to offer our friends in the trade the opportunity to start building experience with wheel nuts and bolts so why not make the most of our trade discount voucher code 30TR250 and start boosting your profits today.

The only limitation to the coupon is that it is a bulk trade offer and there is a minimum spend of £250 rrp (after the 30% discount you will only pay £175). Simply copy and paste this code 30TR250 in the voucher field at the checkout.

Use our website search to find the nuts or bolts you think you will have most success with, if you are not sure or need some advice feel free to contact us and we will be happy help you identify the best products for your business.

*Profit illustration is based on a basic of £10 per set profit. eg Ford replacement nuts after 30% discount £13.99 for set of 20. In our experience a set of these through a workshop can be sold at a minimum of £24.99. Garages and workshops can sell sets at higher RRP than online as customers want convenience and they trust their mechanics and technicians.