Ford Alloy Wheel Nuts and Bolts Fitment Guide

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This page lists models (and years) of Volkswagen cars. Scroll down until you find your car and then click the model to see the bolts we sell which will fit.

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Ford cars alloy wheel nuts and bolts
Ford fitment guide. Find the bolts to fit your car.

What wheel nuts fit my Ford?

Ford use alloy wheel nuts the majority of the time, however some older models do use bolts.

The 2 thread sizes used by Ford cars are M12 and M14. Almost all Ford cars use the M12 x 1.5 thread, but S-Max and Galaxy are the exception and use M14 x 1.5. If you are searching for Transit Van nuts, then double check as you may need M14 x 2.0

Below is a break down of each spec and the cars that fit them.

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We have provided a lot of information on this page, however we are very aware that this can be confusing. Car wheel nuts and bolts are complicated and it is important to get the correct fitment for your car. If you an unsure as to what you need please contact us.

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