Top Ten selling alloy wheel nuts and bolts

Spot On Nuts and Bolts have a wide range of products and we are often asked what out top selling lines are. So here we give you the breakdown of our top ten selling alloy wheel nuts and bolts. Take a look through and see which of these may best suit your needs. Don’t forget that we have our 30% trade discount code for orders over £250rrp.

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  • No1 Replacement Ford alloy wheel nuts.
  • No2 Alloy wheel bolts to fit Audi, Mercedes, SEAT, Skoda and VW
  • No3 Alloy wheel bolts to BMW, Vauxhall
  • No4 Alloy wheel bolts to fit newer BMW (F-Models)
  • No5 Alloy wheel bolts to fit OE Citroen and Peugeot wheels
  • No6 Alloy wheel bolts to fit Alfa Romeo, Fiat
  • No7 Alloy wheel nuts to fit Nissan
  • No8 Alloy wheel nuts to fit Kia, Mazda
  • No9 Alloy wheel nuts to fit OE Jaguar wheels
  • No10 Alloy wheel nuts to fit OE Lexus and Toyota wheels

Ford Nuts (No.1)

By far our most popular wheel nut is the solid head 19mm hex Ford replacement nuts with a 28mm floating washer.

These are a must for any workshop or garage, not only a better design than the original Ford nuts (no thin stainless steel cap) but great value too. If your customer was to go to the dealer to replace a set of OE Ford wheel nuts it will cost between £70-£80.

Audi, Mercedes, SEAT, Skoda, Volkswagen (No.2)

This M14 x 1.5, Radius seat wheel bolt fits a huge range of cars, by stocking these you will be able to cater to most models from the manufacturers here. Some older models may need M12 bolts.

This is a great value wheel bolt, fits 100’s of cars and at a fraction of the price of going direct to the dealer or sourcing similar from other leading car part suppliers.

BMW, Renault, Vauxhall and more (No.3)

M12 x 1.5, taper seat wheel bolts which fit older (E model) BMW and many other cars. Another fantastic alloy wheel bolt to have on your shelf. Fits 100’s of cars and you can offer your customers amazing value compared to dealers and other car part suppliers. Average cost for a set of 20 bolts from our larger competitors/dealers is around £35-£45

BMW Newer F models (No.4)

This M14x1.25, taper seat bolt it very popular as it fits the F model BMW cars and most Mini models. There are a lot of these cars on the road and they will be common in many garages and workshops. As with all of Spot On nuts and bolts products these are great value and you can offer a big discount to your customers compared to main dealers.

We have other styles of these bolts, including black finish and slim tuner bolts for aftermarket multi fitment alloy wheels.

Peugeot and Citroen (No.5)

These flat seat, M12 x 1.25 bolts are designed to fit genuine Citroen and Peugeot alloy wheels. They are finished in a Dacromat coating which is the same as the OE wheel bolts.

We have a 19mm chrome finish alternative to these bolts too click here to view the product details page.

Alfa Romeo and Fiat (No.6)

M12 x 1.25, taper seat bolts. These fit a wide range of models from Alfa Romeo and Fiat, maybe not as popular as the nuts and bolts above, but still very useful to stock and again you will be able to offer customers a significantly better price than main dealers and other major parts suppliers.

Nissan (No.7)

These 21mm hex, M12 x 1.25, taper seat nuts fit the vast majority Nissan models. These are popular cars and will be common in many garages and workshops.

Kia and Mazda (No.8)

21mm Hex, M12x1.5, taper nuts fit most Kia and Mazda models among others. A good nut to stock to make sure you are able to cater for as many cars as possible.

Jaguar (No.9)

19mm Hex, flat seat, M12 x 1.5 nuts to fit genuine Jaguar alloy wheels. It goes without saying why you may need to stock these. Possibly the biggest selling point for these is the price, a set of 20 nuts from the main dealer will cost your customer around £100, you will be able to offer more than 50% discount off this price.

Lexus and Toyota (No.10)

If you see a lot of Toyota or Lexus cars coming through your garage or workshop then these 21mm hex, flat seat nuts are another must. Designed specifically for the OE alloys and again at great value these are a good item to keep on the shelf.

So there we have the top ten selling alloy wheel nuts and bolts that we think any workshop or garage can stock and do very well with.

With these products the vast majority of cars likely to come through your workshop can be covered.