Car garage owners a simple way to boost profits

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Boost profits with alloy wheel nuts and bolts

Do you run a garage, MOT station, service centre, tyre shop or any other auto trade business?

Like all business owners you are probably always on the look out for ways to make a little extra every month. It is not easy to find new ways to improve profits and sometimes the simplest ideas can be the best.

Here at Spot On Nuts and Bolts we believe we have a great opportunity to offer to our fellow auto trade businesses. With minimal cost and just a little bit of storage space you can stock a range of alloy wheel nuts and bolts which will give you the ideal add on sale to offer many of your customers.

Spot On can help you identify which lines will best suit your business and by stocking around 10 product lines you will be able to cater for 80-90% of the standard fitment vehicles which come through your doors.

The average set of 20 wheel nuts or bolts will retail for between £15 – £20 (up to 4 times this from a main dealer). By ordering in bulk we can offer you the best possible cost price and you can earn a healthy profit margin on every set. Having the nuts and bolts in stock means you can offer your customer the option to replace their old corroded wheel fixings there and then. Just by offering this to every customer who has wheel nuts and bolts over a few years old you can start to make a real difference to your businesses turnover.

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