Ford Mondeo wheel nuts

Looking to buy wheel nuts for your Ford Mondeo car? This post will help you find what size wheel nuts you need.

What size are Ford Mondeo alloy wheel nuts? You will need M12 x 1.5 thread, taper seat, 19mm hex nuts. There are different styles to choose from and below these are explained.

Spot On Ford specific replacement car wheel nuts. These are designed with Ford alloy wheels in mind. With a 28mm diameter floating washer these are the exact same size as the original Ford wheel nuts. The main difference is that our design has a solid 19mm hex head, whereas the OE style has a thin stainless steel cap. This cap can get damaged easily and come off making the original nuts difficult to remove.

If this has happened to you and you are looking to replace your original Ford Mondeo alloy wheel nuts then these are for you.

I have aftermarket alloy wheels on my Ford Mondeo, what wheel nuts do I need?

Aftermarket wheels come in many styles, but one thing to be sure of is that the original Ford wheel nuts are likely to be too wide.

If your alloy wheels are PCD specific for the Mondeo, ie 5×108, then you will want to use a standard 19mm hex, taper seat, M12x1.5 wheel nut. These are a fixed seat (no washer) and are 23mm diameter.

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