Ford alloy wheel nuts 19mm Hex, M12 x 1.5 set of 16


This listing is for a set of 16 alloy wheel nuts

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This listing is for a set of 16 alloy wheel nuts

If you need a different amount of alloy wheel nuts check the site as there are sets of 4, 5 and 20 alloy wheel nuts available at discounted prices.

High Quality

Made from 10.9 grade heat treated carbon steel with a zinc plated finish for durability. These alloy wheel nuts meet all required UK and EU standards.

Check the additional information tab for more specs about this alloy wheel nut and you can see the cars that these alloy wheel bolts fit in a list just under the add to cart button above.

Car Fitments

If you are unsure about the fitment you need for your car try using the shop by car make in the menu above, if you are still concerned then feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist.

We use industry standard data and all the car details listed on this page are the standard fitments for use with this alloy wheel nuts to the very best of our knowledge.

These nuts have a 60 degree taper seat which is the most common style for alloy wheels. Please note that genuine Ford alloy wheels have a slightly wider nut hole than most manufacturers. These nuts will fit but sit deeper inside the hole. There are alloy wheel nuts for sale on our site that match the OE spec which you might want to check first. However if you are fitting aftermarket alloys to your car these are the nuts you will need to use.

If you want to fit spacers to your wheels, some aftermarket alloys might require a spacer if the offset if different to that of the manufacturer, you will need to use extended studs. It is the same principal as extended threads for bolts, but because alloy wheel nuts only have an internal thread, it is the stud that comes out of the wheel hub that needs extending. Check out range of studs to find what you need.

If you have any questions about what fitment you need please feel in the contact form on the contact us page. We usually respond with in 2 hours during normal business times.

Additional information

Hex Size

19mm Hex

Thread Size

M12 x 1.5


Tapered Seat


Wheel nuts


Zinc Plated

Car Makes


Please Note:

These nuts do fit genuine Ford Alloy wheels, but are slightly narrower than the original Ford nuts. Check the site for our OE spec nuts for Ford cars.

These nuts will fit Ford Cortina MK3,4 & 5. Ford Escort MK2 & 5.


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