Open ended car wheel nuts, what are they used for?

Open head wheel nuts set of 20

There are times when you may find that an open ended alloy wheel nut is useful. These car wheel nuts are similar to the standard closed head nuts, but they allow the wheel hub stud to go all the way through the nut. There are cases where the wheel studs are too long for closed head nuts and the stud will top out before nuts can be fully tightened.

examples of this are if extended studs have been fitted to allow a wheel spacer or some steel wheels and space savers need an open head nut to fit. Another common use for open head car alloy wheel nuts is if the centre cap cover the nut holes. In this instance it is often the case that a closed head wheel nut is too tall and stop the cap fitting correctly. The open head nuts are shorter and fit perfectly under the centre caps.

Can I use open head nuts on alloy wheels?

Yes, these open head nuts have a standard 60 degree taper so will fit many alloy wheels. These are commonly used with Ford Transit Custom and MK8 vans as these have longer than usual hub studs. See our M14 x 1.5 21mm Hex open head nuts which are ideal for these van.

The 19mm hex M12 x 1.5 fitment open head nuts are ideal for Most Ford alloy wheels and steel wheels.